Table Numbers & Card Displays

Wood Stained Table Numbers 
Hand Painted Calligraphy  $2.00 each
  dark stained woodedn block table numbers 
               4 1/2" x 5 1/2"  and 1" thickness
      Wood stain double sided table numbers
                    3/4" inch thick 4" blocks 
                  Numbers 1-30 / $1.50 each
   Large clear bottles with hand cut
   rusted numbers we have purchased
   from artisian in Idaho  
   Gorgeous with your blooms in family
   style seating!      
        Gorgeous one of a kind vintage tuscan door 
                  $55.00      32" wide x 79" tall 
     Large plank barn style dark wood stain find your seat element 
                            must lean against stable wall type area
                                             4 ft 2" wide x 6 ft tall