T A B L E  N U M B E R S  &
C A R D  D I S P L A Y S

  dark stained woodedn block table numbers 
               4 1/2" x 5 1/2"  and 1" thickness
Wood Stained Table Numbers 
Hand Painted Calligraphy  $2.00 each
                Numbers 1-36 
      Wood stain double sided table numbers
                    3/4" inch thick 4" blocks 
                  Numbers 1-30 / $1.50 each
   Large clear bottles with hand cut
   rusted numbers we have purchased
   from artisian in Idaho  
   Gorgeous with your blooms in family
   style seating!      
gorgeous carved hand cut tree slices
               numbers 1-24​  $4 each
        Gorgeous one of a kind vintage tuscan door 
                  $55.00      32" wide x 79" tall 
     Large plank barn style dark wood stain find your seat element 
                            must lean against stable wall type area
                                  4 ft 2" wide x 6 ft tall   $75

Golden glass box with gold chain
                  hinge opening          

Garden terrarium card holder with brass   accents shown with our gold geometric frame and Poppy vintage vanity        

            rustic folding design screen
     perfect for seating chart and photos